What is Trademark registration and why it is important?
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What is Trademark registration and why it is important?

What is Trademark?

A Trademark is just refer to a “brand or logo”. In another way, we can said that it is visual symbol of word, name,  color combination, label etc. which is represent or define your business services or product.

Why Use a Trademark?

Trademark is used by company and individual to protect your products and services from fraudulent. It is a type of security to protect your ideas or innovation. so, no one can used it without your permission. It not only give you ownership but you can also purchase or sold it.

What is the difference between trademarks and company names?

  • A trademark recognize by product and services and register by/through PRV.
  • Company is define by the name of company and its register by company act.

Define Trademark Sign?

Basically, one of the three symbol indicate that it is register product.

  • ™ means it is used to unregister mark but claimed as a trademark. The symbol is not guaranteed that owner’s mark will protect under trademark law.
  • ℠ the symbol follow same function, it is used in service mark, like banking and legal services. It is also not protect under trademark law.
  • ® this symbol clarify that it is registered ownership and used in many countries and regions. It is legal symbol for your product and service.

why trademark is important for registration?

  • Trademark give you a great opportunity for your product or services being sold. Under registered trademark, it will help you to build up trust, quality of product or services, reliability and goodwill of the customer’s mind.
  • Trademark give you authority to sue anyone else who used your logo, slogan, brand name or sign without permission. It is legal protection for your business.
  • Trademark is the benefit for your customer to identify your particular products and services only with the brand name. it ensure that your competitors will not use your logo because it is company unique assets.
  • A trademark is a valuable assets for company whenever your brand name succeed in India or outside India. you can commercially contracted, franchised and sold it.

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