Define Product Certification?
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Define Product Certification?

Define Product Certification or Qualification?

Product Certification or Qualification is basically a process for the certain product quality assurance test, product performance test, meet criteria stipulated in regulation, specification and contracts.

What is the product certification process?

  • Initiate client enquiry with BSI to discuss about the need of clients and the requirement
  • Application form filled
  • Prepare quotes for the product on discussed basis.
  • Client sign if they are happy with quote, otherwise return.
  • Client send all the relevant paper work
  • Client send sample to BSI.
  • Testing report is complete by lab.
  • certified an assessment appraisal and finalized report by Risk & compliance department.
  • Mark the product with an appropriate information by Directive.

Key Benefit of Product certification:-

  • To protect customer – to allow the consumer to target specific product or identify.
  • To consistency ensure-the consistent inspection of product that verify the manufacturing practice remain consistent.
  • To get regulatory requirement – some cities or state have their certain or specific regulation about the permitting the certified product to sold there.
  • To get more business deal- the dealer or seller require to sold products which is certified.
  • To get marketing advantages- certified products display the trademark that indicate the product verify and tested.

Certification marks:-

Ecomark- ecolabel product issued by BSI.

ISI mark- for industrial product

BSI hallmark- certified the purity of gold jewellery.

Agmark- all the agriculture product.

FSSAI- it is used for food product.

India organic- it is used for organic products.

FPO mark- it is used for manufactured fruits process product.

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